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Step up Your Curb Appeal

Step up Your Curb Appeal

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, or are simply looking to boost its overall appearance, consider stepping up your curb appeal with beautiful landscaping. When buyers are out and about shopping around neighborhoods for a new home, great curb appeal is what will ultimately attract them to venture inside. After all, gorgeous landscaping determines whether your home feels inviting from the outside!

Parklane will work with you to enhance the appearance of your property, focusing on boosting your curb appeal, so that even buyers driving by will stop to view your home.

1.General Maintenance: We’ll provide ongoing lawn maintenance to keep your grass and shrubs in tip top shape.  Whether it’s regular mowing, fertilizing, pruning, shaping, or cleaning up debris, our team will work efficiently to care for your lawn and gardens. We provide daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service depending on your unique requirements.

2.Foundation Landscaping: If you have any unsightly trees or shrubs, we’ll work away to trim and/or remove them. On the other hand, if you’re lacking in foundation greenery, Parklane will plant shrubs, trees, and luscious blossoms for a pop of colour and design! Adding trees to your landscape not only makes the house appear welcoming, they also can contribute to lower cooling and heating costs when planted appropriately. If you’re hesitant about planting large trees however, we can lay fresh mulch for you and arrange fresh potted plants to use as an alternative. We’ll focus on playing up your architectural details with luscious plants that complement the design of your home. If you’re lacking in architecture, consider adding an arbor over your door and a climbing vine to add charm.

3.Incorporate Plants: As mentioned, plants add a beautiful aspect to any property, setting a positive tone for those looking to purchase a new home.  Keep in mind that the role of landscaping in your front yard is to guide interest to your house. Trees, bamboo and alternative plants can be used to conceal anything unsightly, like trash cans or your neighbour’s garage. Take advantage of your plants by hiding what may be considered unattractive and highlighting features that are attractive.

4.Make up Your Beds: While the Realtor is opening the lockbox, buyers will be glancing around at your landscaping; we’ll put together gorgeous pots of blooming flowers nearby that beautify the area and catch the eye. If your flower beds are left untended they can quickly decrease the curb appeal of your home. Our team will tend to your gardens by weeding, pruning, and laying mulch/ stone where needed to improve the quality of your gardens and flower beds. If you have a porch, we’ll design a curved, asymmetrical flower bed to hide any open space beneath the porch area, while providing a pop of colour for added interest.

5.Walkways: Steps leading up to your entrance should be warm and welcoming. Parklane can install pavers, slate, and various other materials that establish a particular look that’s unique to your style and taste. Furthermore, we’ll make use of secondary hardscape elements available to increase your curb appeal; a deep sidewalk for instance, offers an opening for a wider flowerbed as accent. A bench opens up an area to arrange a gathering of perennials or shrubs. Together with your input, we’ll get creative and use what’s already there, or what could be added (and how to spotlight it).

Planning ahead is crucial if you want to sell your home. If you’re considering moving next fall, then ideally, you should begin working on your landscaping as soon as possible. Remember that getting the interior of your home in great shape is obviously a priority when you are selling, but ensuring the surroundings outside are attractive and in great condition provide the first impression! Get in touch with Parklane today to arrange a design consultation!