Nature Takes Back at Canada Blooms 2014 | PARKLANE LANDSCAPES
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Nature Takes Back at Canada Blooms 2014

Nature Takes Back at Canada Blooms 2014

While the temperatures may be dropping and garden season is coming to a close, everyone at Parklane Nurseries will soon be spending most of their days preparing for the most anticipated gardening event of the year, Canada Blooms.  We are thrilled and proud to announce that once again, Parklane has been invited to create one of the largest feature gardens.

We need to begin preparing for the intense construction project of installing large beautiful gardens in a very short period of time. As well, over the winter thousands of trees, shrubs, flowers, and evergreens will be ‘forced’ into bloom for this year’s Canada Blooms, Flower and Garden Festival.  If you’re not familiar with this annual festival, Canada Blooms is a 10 day occasion that connects people to the beauty and benefits of nature, through glorious floral displays, events, and engaging speakers. This special festival allows garden designers and landscapers across North America to bring their interpretation of a sensational, lush garden display to life for thousands of passionate garden enthusiasts, attending and exhibiting at the show.

The 18th annual Canada Blooms will begin March 14th and carry on through until March 23rd. Having exhibited feature garden displays at every Canada Bloom event since the shows conception, we at Parklane Nurseries really appreciate the diversity of each year’s event. Every year, Canada Blooms chooses a unique theme for the show, and we can confidently say that while these themes vary every year, the creativeness that is inspired by each theme, is what truly makes the festival such an enjoyable one!

Our team couldn’t be more excited to embark on this year’s WILD theme! Without giving too much away, the inspiration for our garden display is derived from the perspective of two incredible books by two very talented authors, “Virginia Wolf” by Kyo McClear, and “The Once and Future Word” by J.B MacKinnon. Our focus is to design a garden that brings man back in tune with nature – things humans used to do but gradually gave up as urban living became overshadowed with technology. Parklane’s creation will emphasize the peace, comfort and relaxation that comes with embracing what nature has to offer.

Some things to expect at Canada Blooms 2014:

  • A “Night in the Wild” preview cocktail party held in the gardens on the evening of March 13th, prior to the event’s kick-off day!
  • Special evening events throughout the week – perfect chance to visit with other attendees, relax, socialize, and share in your love for gardening!
  • Book signing and meet and greet with some unbelievable authors (located at Parklane’s display)
  • World famous surprise guest – a true wildlife artist and naturalist!
  • Innovative gardening tools and merchandise
  • Miraculous garden creations by a variety of designers

We are eager to get started on our creation, and hope that you’ll join us beginning March 14th for a memorable week! Tickets can be purchased beginning in December, through visiting Canada Bloom’s website directly.

Be sure to check back throughout the upcoming months, as we’ll be posting updates as we build, create, and design our wondrous garden from beginning to end!