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Our trained, professional garden care team offers customized property care packages to help you enjoy your home and cottage.

Regular Maintenance (Daily/Weekly/ Bi-Weekly/Monthly)

Contracts for regular garden care services typically include weeding, edging, soil amending, seasonal pruning and shaping, organic fertilization, compost maintenance, spring and fall clean-up, and seasonal protection. Our team maintains frequent contact with our clients to keep them informed about their property. All full season garden care contracts receive an End of Season Property Health Report.

Custom Vegetable Gardens

The taste of a sun-warmed tomato right off the vine in your own backyard, is indescribable. Growing your own food can assist you in learning the joys of culinary gardening. Let us design a vegetable garden that suits your summer schedule and diet. Enjoy your bounty of the harvest after our weekly visit and harvesting.

Seasonal planting

Spring bulbs and summer annuals can liven up your garden adding instant colour and interest. Our experts can design custom planting schemes to emphasize the beauty of your property all season long.

Seasonal Displays and Event Decoration

Flowers and foliage spilling out of urns and other containers revitalize dull areas and add a new dimension to the landscape. We use a variety of interesting and local, living and dried materials to create lively, eye-catching displays to suit your property and taste.


There are many plants in the garden that will benefit from expert pruning and training. This will encourage healthy growth now and in the following year. We prune all plants and ornamentals under 10 feet.

Occasional Clean-ups

Whether your garden needs a little sprucing up or you are having a garden party, we arrange clean-ups for our clients at their request. This is organized on a site-by-site evaluation. We provide leaf clean-up, turning of planting beds, edging, organic fertilization, cleaning walkways and water features, power washing your decks and patios, and critical protection for your plants.

Important Dates for Specialty Services Requests

Requests for services, preferably submitted by:

March 30 – Regular Maintenance Contracts, Spring Clean-ups
May 1 – Annual Planting, Custom Vegetable Gardens
August 30 – Fall displays and Spring bulbs, Fall Clean-ups, Major Pruning
November 1- Winter Displays
Anytime – Event décor, environmental services, garden renovation

For information and scheduling, please contact us.