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Contributors to the Show

Contributors to the Show

Building a garden like the one we have just completed would not be possible if it were not for some of the donations and loans we receive from generous suppliers.  Here is a list of contributors for the 2013 show.

Faeries –  Lezlie from

Dragons,  Fiddle heads and Pond surround – Jeff Smith from

Giants Causeway pillars –  John from

Eco Lawn –  or

Gridlock and Camp flooring –  product is produced by Norleans Technologies but they would like anyone interested to contact us at Parklane for installations.

Granite rocks and Dolmen-  stone was provided on loan from

Limestone Rocks for exterior wall –

Of course our Fantastic Parklane Team excel at pulling it all together.  We can sometimes get obsessed about our critical paths but they sure come in handy when extending a deadline is not an option.   This year we completed the garden a full 24 hours before judging and as the Irish would say ” nobody threw a strop!”

(translation- we got along well)

Thank you to our hardworking team.  Cassie, Joanne, Alex, Nate, Brandon, Kyle ,Drew and Carolyn.

You can all be proud of a job well done.   Anna and Kim.